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Scientific Research

HSBO Pro offers support in designing and managing scientific research projects. When gathering new knowledge through scientific research, it is crucial to develop and apply methods meeting, at least, the basic requirements to qualify as “evidence-based science”.

Basic scientific requirements mean that studies are “controlled”. “Controlled studies” means that evaluations of new methods, routines, substances or equipment, are done by comparison to a known reference or “control” -method, -routine, -substance or -equipment.

Evaluation also must be done in relevant conditions, with confounding factors reduced to minimum, meaning that all factors which can affect the results, should be as equal as possible, when using the test object and the control object. Further, the amount of gathered information/data, needs to be large enough to achieve statistical significance in the results.

This is just one example of the basic requirements to meet scientific standard. Scientific research is costly and the value of non-qualifying research is extremely limited. It can lead to unfortunate decisions and also hurt the credibility of the investigator.


Areas of scientific competence

  • Measuring impact exposure
  • Measuring dexterity and precision in boat maneuvering
  • Evaluation of steering and control system
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Evaluation of physiological effects of motion exposure
  • Perceptional analysis