Professionals in High-Speed Boat Acquisition


Improving Performance and Safety – Reducing Cost and Time

HSBO-Professionals supplies services worldwide to organisations planning to procure and operate high-speed boats.

The procurement of high-speed boats is an extremely complex and demanding process. Defining and designing a new platform that can survive years of harsh use in challenging operations and severe sea states, requires extensive experience and a broad range of expertise.

HSBO-Professionals is an international network of established subject-matter experts providing this know-how. Our expertise is based on many years of work with the procurement and operation of high-speed boats and their support systems in a variety of countries and operating environments.

We offer support in any part of the process, from the development of operational requirements to post-delivery through-life support, as well as unbiased analyses of existing high-speed boats and industry-related suppliers.


Procurement challenges:

Escalating threats – New operational demands

New technologies – Large investments

Large amounts of money can be saved, both in the short term and throughout the craft’s lifetime, by ensuring that the boat systems specifications match the user’s real needs,

Many agencies around the world have seen acquisition costs spiral out of control. With years of delay not uncommon and the boats finally being delivered failing to meet both their written specifications and users’ expectations, huge amounts of time, money and effort are often wasted.

Cost is always a major issue. Many suppliers cannot afford to deliver what has been specified and agreed and they start cutting corners. Boats that are eventually delivered are not fit for their purpose.

This sometimes puts crews at risk and normally causes large additional cost penalties for the buyer.


What can go wrong?

“too heavy”, “too expensive”, “too late”, “poor design”, “bad engineering”, “poor quality control”, “structural failure”, “too slow”, “poor sea keeping”, “hard slamming”, “poor maneuverability”, “poor vision”, “noise and vibration”.

Ultimately boats unfit for their operational purpose – culminating in mission failure.

No single agency in the world has all of the knowledge regarding sea keeping characteristics of different hull shapes, new drivelines and propulsion systems, human factors and cockpit design, ancillary equipment, docking interface systems, or all the latest emerging technologies in navigation, command & control and communication.


HSBO-Professionals provides direct access to this knowledge.

We can assist in any or all phases of the acquisition process.

HSBO-Pro assists in the Tender Process by:

• •Defining the Operational Requirements based on current and future operational roles and tasks
•• Defining performance criteria
•• Writing technical specifications
•• Reviewing new concepts
•• Advising on choice of equipment
•• Advising on logistics, maintenance and through-life support issues
•• Advising on warranty issues
•• Defining selection criteria

HSBO-Pro assists in the Selection Process by:

•• Evaluating tenders
•• Comparing track-records of boats and suppliers
•• Estimating lifetime costs
•• Conducting life-cycle analysis

HSBO-Pro assists in the Delivery Phase by:

•• Defining test/trial and evaluation protocols and procedures
•• Conducting or supporting the performance assessment and evaluation against the requirement

HSBO-Pro supplies Boat Operations Training 

• •Training the Trainer instruction and programmes
•• High Speed Navigation with officially recognised qualifications
•• Use of Boarding Equipment

HSBO-Pro measaures Shock and Impact Exposure 

HSBO-Professionals also has some of the world’s leading experts in the field of shock and impact measurement on high-speed boats.

We measure impacts on hulls, as well as impact exposure on humans onboard.

Comparisons of different boats run side by side, as well as comparisons of impact exposure on humans onboard.

With the new EU-directive impact exposure on crews is crucial and has legal implications for the employer.

HSBO-Professionals has some of world’s most competent experts in their fields, with experience of numerous procurement projects in several countries:

Naval Architects, Special Operations Officers, Human Factors Specialists, Acquisition Officials, Marine Engineers, Systems Integration Engineers et.c

We match the relevant Subject-matter Experts to each stage of the process.

Clients can seek advice for each or every part of the process.


• Is client-focused, unbiased and objective
• Helps clients save money and time
• Matches the client’s equipment needs to their operational requirements
• Helps the client to avoid making fundamental mistakes


Learning from other’s mistakes is less expensive than making your own.

Learning from other’s successes is better than hoping for your own.


For more information, references and initial objective advice,

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